Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is an experienced leader in the earthworks and demolition field. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd compiles their hazards and risk through comprehensive inspections to give an advantage to all persons and companies whom is directly and indirectly involved in any of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd operations. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will implement, maintain, document and communicate an Integrated (SHEQ) management system that is implemented, verified and maintained in accordance with South African legislation and procedures and this will result in:

  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd operations will benefit the community, our clients and our employees.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will determine the company’s SHEQ objectives and targets and will continually measure, monitor and improve our activities together with our objectives.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will ensure that sufficient resources are available to encourage, train and develop our employees.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will identify all potential hazards and risks to ensure meticulous inspections on occupation areas.
  • Taurus Africal (PTY)Ltd will meet all safety, health, environment and quality legislation and standards, and where possible exceed the important legislation.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will ensure that all cost effective and quality management systems are constantly monitored and reviewed.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd safeguards their employee’s human rights to continuously work in a safe area which will not expose them to any unacceptable hazards and risks.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will as far as humanly possible safeguard the environment by conducting our tasks without polluting the environment and ensure hazardous materials and substances is exposed to the relevant dumping site.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd undertakes to enhance achievement in industry practices.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd has fundamental values that lead to an open relationship with our clients, employees and the community we operate in. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd encourages our stakeholders, clients, employees and the community to meet the requirements of this policy during our operations.

HIV / AIDS Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management will cover all aspects of HIV / AIDS to each and every one of our employees and Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is committed to adhere to this policy.

All employees of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd have the right to privacy, and no personal information will be given out without the specific employee’s permission. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will introduce their employees to a Clinic for the treatment of HIV / AIDS if this becomes necessary.

Employees of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd who have contracted or have HIV / AIDS will be allowed to perform their normal day duties up until they become medically unfit to perform their duties. All employees who have contracted or have HIV / AIDS have the right to all company benefits, including medical and sick leave.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd pride themselves that family comes first and thus counselling will be provided to all employees who have contracted or have HIV / AIDS or when an employee’s family members have contracted or have HIV / AIDS counselling will also be provided. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will make funds available to assist with this counselling.

All employees of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will have the full benefit of the company if a family member have contracted or have HIV / AIDS;  this will include family responsibility leave.

Business Ethics Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd prepared this policy to provide all our clients with a formal statement of our dedication to the standards and rules of the ethical business conduct.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd has an exceptional reputation of conducting all our business according to the highest principles of business ethics, we are proud of this exceptional reputation and is dedicated to conduct all our business activities of  and demolition safety with honesty and in full compliance of the laws and regulation of the country we do projects in. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd treats all our employees with the same principals.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd discards dishonesty during any phase of our operations. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd has a zero tolerance against any act of bribery, fraud or corruption in our company.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management must avoid any conflict of interest regarding finances that might influence the project, company decision or actions.

All employees, customers and any member of the public will be treated with dignity and respect.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will not discriminate against gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd treats all our employees, customers and any member of the public as we would like to be treated.

Purchases or sales of any goods or services must not lead to any rebates or kickbacks.

Continuous Improvement Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management is fully committed to ensure that all aspects of  Safety, Health, Environment and Quality be Audited and Reviewed.

Non-conformance will be addressed immediately to reduce re-occurrences of any such events. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management will appoint specific employees to continuously measure and monitor the data to improve the services and products supplied to us.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management will improve the quality of our performance through comprehensive studies on all equipment and tools bought for the operations done by Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd have a vision of meeting all client specifications on specific equipment and tools. We are committed to use only the best quality in our operations.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

All employees of Taurus Africal (PTY)Ltd have the right to a safe working environment; therefore Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to ensure such a safe working environment. Through this policy Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd state that no person or employee will enter the work area or any premises of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd if they are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No person or employee is allowed to operate any mobile equipment if they are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No person or employee is allowed to drive any type of company vehicle when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd undertakes that any person or employee that is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will immediately be taken to a testing station or medical doctor to determine the state of such a person or employee. The medical practitioner will complete the drug and alcohol testing form to validate the state of the person or employee.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will immediately suspend any person or employee that is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that refuses to undergo testing and a formal disciplinary hearing will be conducted.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd undertakes to assist any employee that needs rehabilitation.

Employment Equity Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to provide equal employment opportunities to all persons. All qualified employees or applicants will receive fair and equal consideration for employment without being discriminated against with regard to:

  • Colour.
  • Race.
  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Religion.
  • Conviction.
  • Disabilities.
  • Family status.
  • Marital status.
  • National or ethnic origin.
  • Or any other grounds not stipulated.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements of employment equity legislation; compliance to this policy applies to:

  • Providing equipment to accommodate employees in training skills.
  • Recruitment for employment.
  • All employees to be trained and selected employees to be trained in specific areas, and retraining of employees.
  • Establishing of rates and assisting documentation for compensation if required.
  • Termination process of employees.
  • Advertising or solicitation for employment recruitment.
  • Hiring, placement, promotion, demotion and transfer of employees in our organisation is the responsibility of the managing member and this must be in line with this policy.

Environmental Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicate to meet all the rules and regulation regarding the environment in the demolition and rehabilitation industry and strives to protect our environment through the sound management practices and decision making of projects.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will prevent pollution by striving to minimize waste generation and resource utilization by conducting our operations with quality tools and equipment.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will ascertain and assess achievable environmental performance goals to ensure continual development of our systems.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to environmental leadership and will set an example in our field of expertise:

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to:

  • Promptly correct any deviations not in compliance to the policy.
  • Be an environmentally responsible company in our communities.
  • Meet and exceed all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace to ensure that all employees of Taurus Demolition International (PTY)Ltd are thoroughly trained with the appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
  • Develop and improve our operation skills to minimize waste.
  • Conserve natural resources by adopting pollution practices.
  • Establish procedures for reviews and determine shortcomings by auditing and reviewing environmental systems.
  • Promptly report all non compliant issues to the relevant government departments.
  • Ensure all employees understand and comply with this policy.

Quality Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management is dedicated to ensure that all standards are implemented and maintained according to a quality management system that complies with the minimum requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Quality is the foundation that Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd uses to build our trust and confidence to assist the growth in our company for the future.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd uses a practical approach to quality management to improve the quality management system and to ensure compliance to the quality objectives. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will only purchase quality products and these products will be analysed to ensure the quality thereof.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to continuously develop our quality Objectives, Services, Products and processes by maintaining and analysing the factual data of the quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Smoking Policy
Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is committed to protect all employees, customers and visitors from exposure to second hand smoke in our immediate vicinities and operations.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will adhere to the policy that all of our work areas and vehicles are smoke-free and that all employees, customers and visitors has the right to a smoke-free environment.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd recognize that breathing second hand smoke poses a risk to the health of all employees, customers and visitors.

It has been proven that second hand smoke causes lung cancer and heart disease as well as numerous other illnesses and minor conditions.

Employer and employee duties:

  • Taurus Africal (PTY)Ltd will ensure that non-smoking signs are displayed as required by legislation.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will ensure that no employees, customers and visitors smoke in a smoke-free area.
  • Taurus Africal (PTY)Ltd management will investigate all complaints received in this regard.
  • Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd management will ensure that all employees, customers and visitors is informed about this policy.
  • Taurus Africal (PTY)Ltd will assist their employees who wants to quit by displaying the toll free number: 0-800-983-461.
  • Employees of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd must adhere to all smoking signs and non smoking areas.
  • All employees, customers and visitors must comply with this smoking policy.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in the management of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd dealing with the matter according to the company’s disciplinary code of practices and procedures.

Training and Development Policy

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to ensure that all employees are comprehensively trained and declared competent for any task that the employee will conduct. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will encourage our employees to obtain the maximum education.

During each and every task there will be a skills development auditing. When a lack of know ledge or skill arise Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will educate, train and assist these employees. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd undertakes that these employees will be trained through a registered and approved training facility.

All training and skill development will be based within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and is based on Unit Standards that are accredited by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

All employees of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd, whether permanent or temporary will be trained on their tasks that they are to perform.

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is dedicated to identify training and development needs during t heir operations and undertakes to arrange training and development for all employees and subcontractors.

The management of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd will ensure that funds are available, should the need of skill development and training arise.