Our Reason

Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd does demolition services work to ensure that sustainable development in the building industry could be assisted through our demolition of old buildings, plants and houses to create space for new buildings, plants and houses to provide an opportunity for the community to rebuild any building, plant or house on better standards to enhance all safety and to ensure that all buildings, plants and houses are built on the legislation and regulations. This gives the company more opportunities to provide employment to people in the communities in which we conduct our projects and so provide a brighter future for everyone directly or indirectly involved with the company.

Our Mission

The mission of Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd is to complete every project without any damage, injuries or death, to any client, employee or any person. This demolition company strives to complete all projects without any damage to the environment and undertakes to better the environment and enhance the future of the environment through all the actions of the company. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd strives to ensure customer satisfaction on all demolition methods and procedures when conducting a project. Part of our mission is to help solve the unemployment problem in South-Africa, by creating new job opportunities with each project and training the new employees to be the best in their field and to provide a brighter future for all our employees. Taurus Africa (PTY)Ltd strives to better the community and protect the community in which we operate.

Demolition Services

Taurus Africa specializes in unique demolition services. We are the leading demolition company and provide services throughout South Africa. With 21 years of heavy industrial demolition services experience, Taurus Africa (PTY) Ltd is a newly established demolition company with renowned and committed employees that has the experience to complete any demolition services task with the utmost care, considering and evaluating all risks and hazards when conducting demolition turnkey projects.